Huntleigh Real Estate

If you’ve ever hummed, “I should sell my house in Huntleigh,” you couldn’t harken to a more honest place. Located between Ladue, Frontenac, and Kirkwood you will find the prestigious city of Huntleigh, consisting of just over 100 luxury homes. This area is only residential homes! This beautiful community has a country like environment, yet it is located just a short drive to beautiful shops, boutiques, grocery stores, and restaurants. If you are looking for a beautiful dream home, we would love to help find your new house in Huntleigh!!

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About Huntleigh Homes for Sale

Because Huntleigh is strictly a residential area, the homes in this area are known to be very luxurious. This is a very private community, with hidden narrow roads and houses that lie deep in the neighborhoods. While Huntleigh lies in a very popular area, with many accessible amenities, the area gives off a country ambiance. These neighborhoods are very cozy and quiet, with houses that are nothing less than extraordinary. These properties are incredibly beautiful, differing largely from the city area around it. With large brick exteriors and manicured landscapes, the majority of these houses are spacious, gorgeous estates. In addition to their stately exteriors, the detailed interiors give these homes extra charm and incredible character. Features such as detailed, high ceilings, antique staircases, and unique light fixtures are common for homes in Huntleigh. Many of these houses have large number of square feet, with over five bedrooms and an abundance of space. In addition to being located in an inner-ring of St. Louis County, Huntleigh also provides residents with a county-side feel. You can expect nothing less from these homes, because they will never disappoint!

Amenities Near Huntleigh Homes

While the area of Huntleigh is a prestigious residential community, it takes just a few minutes of a drive to reach any amenity that you might need. Because it is located in between Frontenac, Kirkwood, and Ladue areas, there are tons of extravagant dining options, a multitude of shopping locations, and entertainment finds of any type! Just within a small mile radius, one can find a stately country club, parks and playgrounds, multiple school districts, and a high-class shopping center. Yet, when residents want to escape the bustle and busy world of the surrounding areas, they can return to their strictly residential area. It doesn’t get much better than living in Huntleigh!

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