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If you’ve ever intoned, “I should sell my house in Imperial,” you couldn’t impose about a more impressive place. Located in Jefferson County, the Imperial area is a highly popular area for families located twenty-five minutes south of St. Louis. Because of its family-friendly community, the properties in Imperial are also budget friendly. With a variety of houses, Imperial is home to modernized townhomes, convenient split levels, and classic ranch properties. If you are looking for a house built-to-last, Imperial is a wonderful area to start your search!

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About Imperial Homes for Sale

Living in Jefferson County is a great option for people looking to live a short distance outside of St. Louis. The cost of living in Jefferson County is 9% lower than the U.S. average, making Imperial homes for sale the perfect place to start searching for your next residence. The properties located in the Imperial area are a mixture of modern suburban houses and classic rural styles. Jefferson County, in particular, is known for its delightful split-level houses, and Imperial is no different! The majority of the houses in Imperial are going to be contemporary single-family homes.

No matter the style you are searching for, Imperial has multiple options that are within your price range. The average price of a house in Imperial ranges from about $150,000-$250,000. The area of Imperial is a peaceful one, with quiet and cozy subdivisions and tree-lined cul-de-sacs.

Amenities Near Imperial Homes

While Imperial has a small-town feel, it has the advantages of a urban city, with simple access to all amenities located in the Jefferson County area. Inside the Imperial community, you can find a charming bowling alley, some eclectic options for dining, and locally owned grocery stores. While the community of Jefferson County might seem like a small town, it is conveniently located next to larger suburbs of the southern St. Louis area. Bordered on one side by the Mississippi River, the rest of Imperial is bordered by Arnold and Barnhart.

One of Imperials most popular attractions is the Mastodon State Historic Site. This spacious park holds scenic camping sites, exhilarating hiking, family-friendly biking trails, and fresh swimming and fishing areas. Not only does it have great outdoor activities, there is a profound museum in the historic site that holds amazing exhibits!

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