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If you’ve ever lamented, “I should sell my house in Lake St. Louis,” you couldn’t look up a more lavish place. As one of the younger communities in the St. Louis region, the city of Lake St. Louis is a progressive and beautiful area. Located just west of St. Charles County, Lake St. Louis offers home and business owners some of the finest residential and commercial amenities available anywhere. The City’s central feature are the two private lakes, owned by the members of the Lake Saint Louis Community Association! In addition to the amenities are the lovely parks and beaches, country club, and many more!

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About Lake St. Louis Homes for Sale

The community of Lake St. Louis specifically prides their properties on individuality. They reject styles that might fit the “cookie-cutter” stereotype of suburban areas. Because of this way of though, Lake St. Louis is home to some of the most exquisite and unique properties in the St. Louis area. The community of Lake St. Louis truly cares about its residents. Because of this, these properties are high quality, carefully built to last. In fact, many of these properties are custom-built, so they have desirable special attention to detail that some subdivision styled houses are missing.

In this more secluded community, Lake St. Louis offers properties with well-kept lawns, beautiful detailed brick design, long prestigious driveways, and picturesque neighborhoods. While this is a newer community, the properties are also more modern, with remarkable floor plans. Since each one is unique, there are a number of features you can find from the properties here, including backyard balconies, charming barn garage doors, perfect landscaping, and views that overlook scenic areas. Because of their prestigious location, the properties in Lake St. Louis tend to be on the pricier end, while still affordable. The more elaborate the property, the more expensive the price can be!

Amenities Near Lake St. Louis Homes

Lake St. Louis possibly offers the most amenities for a community outside of St. Louis. As a resident of Lake St. Louis, you have the opportunity to be a part of the Lake St. Louis Community Association. This is essentially a country club for the residents of Lake St. Louis and offers an abundance of amenities, including world-class golfing, both entertaining and fitness oriented swimming pools, quality tennis courts, and scenic parks. The most popular amenity of this association is access to the two private lakes of Lake St. Louis. On the lakes, there is access to sailing, swimming, and boating of all sorts! Definitely one of the most fun places in Lake St. Louis!

Along with these amenities, there are tons of high-class restaurants, as well as casual sit-downs in this area. What makes Lake St. Louis such a great place to live is that it is for all types of people! While it is a great place for single people or those without children, it is also a great place to raise a family. There are many well-ranked schools in the area that parents have the option to choose from!

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