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If you’ve ever mused, “I might sell my house in Maplewood,” you couldn’t map out a more magnanimous place. Nestled next to the Webster Groves, Brentwood, and Shrewsbury areas, Maplewood is the most accessible location right outside the St. Louis city limits. With an entertaining pool, multiple quaint city-style parks, and access to amazing unique restaurants and shopping options, Maplewood offers the best atmosphere for its residents. Because of its rich history, there is a vintage and urban feel to this beautiful little area. Find your perfect home in the Maplewood area below!

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About Maplewoood Homes for Sale

Because of its close proximity to the city area, the houses share many features. These homes are on the smaller side, with antique brick detail, multiple stories, quaint front porches, yet updated interiors. While the homes tend to be smaller, they are perfect for smaller families, single individuals, or couples looking for a more urban setting. The typical property in Maplewoood is a multiple story home, with exquisite attention to detail. With tree-lined streets and close next door neighbors, the residents in Maplewood are a close community because of the inner city and old-fashioned feel.

If you are not prepared to commit to a house, don’t worry! Maplewood also offers a variety of condominiums in the area. The average age in Maplewood is 4% lower than the typical suburb in America, which makes this a fantastic area for younger people to start looking for a place to live!

Amenities Near Maplewood Homes

Maplewood is home to some of the most unique and fun locally owned amenities around the St. Louis area. Its streets are lined with quaint coffee shops, charming boutiques, local breweries, and splendid restaurants. Looking for something fun and different to do this weekend? Offering fun places for weekend adventures, Maplewood is home to some of St. Louis’ most hidden treasures such as:

  • Schlafly Brewery
  • Saratoga Bowling Lanes
  • Live Juke Joint
  • Strange Donuts

Not only is Maplewood home to these unique experiences, there are places for fun for all ages! Located in the heart of Maplewood, the Maplewood pool contains diving boards, water slides, and lazy rivers for hot summer days. Ultimately, Maplewood is an all around great place to live!

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