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If you’ve ever offered to “sell my house in Olivette,” you couldn’t have opted for a more opportune place. An inner-ring suburb of the St. Louis area, Olivette is a prestigious community nestled right alongside University City. Olivette residents enjoy a variety of property choices, from sensible cottages to luxurious and sophisticated estates. With winding streets lined with beautiful homes and lavish landscapes, Olivette offers a classy and charming atmosphere. Adding to the upscale ambiance, Olivette’s urban feel is one of the many reasons residents love this community!

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About Olivette Homes for Sale

While the houses in Olivette are often older, they are far from outdated. This area offers classic and architecturally beautiful homes, with antique features that add to the timeless and picturesque community. These properties are often known for their sensible red brick, with details that are hard to find anywhere else. Some of the houses are French country styles, with arched stonework and detailed windows. Other properties have a hint of Victorian detail, with white brick and beautiful chimneys. While each house in Olivette is unique, they compliment each other to add to this styled and classy ambiance.

If you are looking for something a little more budget-friendly, Olivette offers smaller-scale cottages or ranch styled homes. These quaint homes are affordable, while also offering all the amenities that come with living in the Olivette area.

Amenities Near Olivette Homes

The Olivette area is a very community-based city, with lots of amenities for its residents. There are a number of public city parks, with biking and walking trails as well as entertaining playground areas for children. These parks often offer camps and activities for children over the summer, allowing residents the opportunity to become involved. Olive Boulevard also runs right through the middle of Olivette, which contains multiple locations for services, tasteful dining options, and an abundant number of shopping choices.

Olivette is the perfect mix between antique and innovative. While the houses have historical and classical architecture, the areas around this community are cutting edge! Possibly one of the greatest advantages of living in Olivette is being located in close proximity to University City. While both areas are historically founded, both also share the feature of being up-and-coming areas! There are contemporary restaurants and shopping areas in the University City community, named Delmar Loop. This is a very desirable place to live because there are so many features that make Olivette unique!

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