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If you’ve ever opined, “I should sell my house in Oakville,” you couldn’t have offered a more OK place. Known often as “South County,” Oakville is a St. Louis County located just south of the city and also borders the Mississippi River. Oakville is a residential based area, with winding subdivisions and cozy cul-de-sacs. With a safe, family atmosphere, Oakville offers traditional suburban-style houses, that range from medium to large in size. If you are looking for an established area south of St. Louis, this is the perfect place for you! Let us help you find your house in Oakville!

If you’re a regular supporter of the arts and appreciate outings to the movie theater, weekend boutique-ing, or a finely aged wine with dinner, then you’re in good company together with the individuals in the Oakville neighborhood. This neighborhood is usually uniquely immersed with increased “urban sophisticates” than 95.5% of neighborhoods across the nation. The men and women here truly remain out as a school among all of their own. They usually are an exclusive community characterized by refined tastes, ethnic inclinations, and the implies to live well. Metropolitan sophisticates live a major city lifestyle, if they reside in or even near a huge city. They will are educated executives or managers by week, and serial patrons of the artistry by the weekend. If this way of life pertains to you, as compared to you’ll certainly feel proper at house in the Oakville neighborhood. Not only is it an outstanding choice for urban sophisticates, but this neighborhood is also yet a really good choice for households with school-aged children, very educated executives, and lively retirees.

Did you know that the Oakville neighborhood has more German ancestry people moving into it than practically virtually any neighborhood in America? It’s actually true! In fact, 43.3% of the neighborhood’s occupants have German ancestry. There are also a number of individuals regarding Irish ancestry (15.7%), and residents who record English roots (10.2%), and some of typically the residents are also associated with Italian ancestry (8.1%), along with some France ancestry residents (4.6%), among others. As you can see, Oakville has a very geographically diverse population from all throughout Europe!

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About Oakville Houses for Sale

Looking for a safe community that offers the suburban feel? Oakville is a perfect place for a cozy lifestyle, while also being a fifteen-minute drive to the city. The houses in this area are typically medium or large properties, most of which are new or reasonably new. Residents also enjoy a large variety of styles of houses! From American styled ranch houses to comfortable split level houses, Oakville has everything you might be looking for. Because the majority of houses in the Oakville area are larger than average, the average price for a house is slightly higher, ranging around $250,000. While still affordable, Oakville properties are continually increasing in value, making these purchases worth the money!

Oakville real estate is mainly composed of medium sized (three or four bedrooms) in order to large (four, five or perhaps more bedrooms) family plus townhomes. Most of the particular residential real estate will be owner-occupied. A lot of the residences within the Oakville neighborhood are established but not older, having been built in between 1970 and 1999. A new number of residences have been also built between 2000 and the present. In Oakville, the current vacancy rate is 1.2%, which is a reduced rate of vacancies compared to 94.6% of all neighborhoods in the US. This means that the particular housing supply in Oakville is very tight in comparison to the demand for property in nearby areas.

Amenities Near Oakville Houses

South County includes three cities, Mehlville, Concord, and Oakville, of which Oakville is the largest. In the South County area, residents enjoy lots of amenities for an active, outdoor lifestyle. There are scenic walking trails, relaxing golf courses, and access to the local YMCA and recreational centers. Not only this, it is a safe and comfortable place to raise a family. While each individual city offers a different public school system, the Oakville public school has test scores above average for the area, making it a great option for parents. Residents in the Oakville area enjoy access to diverse dining options, expansive shopping centers, and a variety of services right in the South County area.

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