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If you’ve ever ululated, “I should sell my house in University City,” you couldn’t have uncovered a more useful place. University City (colloquially, U. City) is an inner-ring suburb of the city of St. Louis in St. Louis County, The city is one of the older suburbs in the St. Louis area, having been a streetcar suburb in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries; much historic architecture remains in the southern, older portion of the city, particularly along Delmar Boulevard. The northern portions of the city, mostly developed after World War II, have more of a suburban feel with many shopping centers.

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About University City Homes for Sale

The residents of University City prides themselves on maintaining distinct architecture and an urban, diverse community. Within University City, there is true artistic beauty and extravagant detail found in the real estate. While a lot of the architecture resembles that of the inner city, the houses are larger and more luxurious than the city houses. While these properties are all extremely diverse, they compliment each other and add to a very up-scale, urban setting. Similar to the city houses, they are typically brick houses with more of a semi-colonial style.

There are a variety of houses in this area, ranging in price and size. University City homes for sale offer both larger estates and smaller city bungalows. While this can be considered a higher end part of the city, there are also many affordable properties on the market!

There are a number of condos also available for purchase in University City. While there is a wide range of age groups residing in this area, it is becoming a desirable location for younger adults. When you purchase a condo in University City, you are still getting the city-vibe, with a great location and less of a commitment.

Amenities Near University City Homes

University City is a new hub for social life and up-coming attractions, which welcomes and encourages diversity. Within University City is the Delmar Loop, a popular street that is lined with an old-fashioned movie theater, a number of charming and modern boutiques, famous restaurants, cozy coffee shops, and other unique venues. A fantastic place for social life and adventure, the Delmar Loop is a great attraction of University City.

This inner ring city is conveniently located in the middle of Clayton and Olivette, making University City an accessible place to live. With a public library, a number of universities and public schools, and numerous beautiful city parks, University City is arguably one of the best places in the St. Louis metropolitan area!

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