Warrenton Real Estate

If you’ve ever wanted to “sell my house in Warrenton,” you couldn’t have wished for a more whimsical place. Located about an hour west of St. Louis, Warrenton is a partially rural community of about 8,000 people. Warrenton offers amenities, such as an outdoor swimming pool, numerous parks, athletic fields, a movie theater, and two nearby golf courses. It has lots of country-side, natural beauty, attracting families looking for a quiet town in which to live. If you are looking for a charming place to settle down, in a nice country styled home, start searching Warrenton properties below!

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About Warrenton Homes for Sale

The greatest part about real estate in the Warrenton area is the affordability of the properties. Warrenton offers decently large homes for prices ranging in the $200,000-$300,000 margin. This is definitely a small town community, so the homes are going to be more spread out and scattered over a vast amount of land. Warrenton is home to some of the most beautiful rural views, overlooking valleys and forests.

A lot of the real estate for sale in the Warrenton area are plots of land looking for new houses to be built, or they are homes with some acreage of land. The properties in Warrenton are country styled homes or ranch styled homes, with charming features and great rural landscaping.

Amenities Near Warrenton Homes

While Warrenton is a small town, it is also very established for its rural setting. Within the town, there are all the necessary services, such as grocery stores, pharmacies, various restaurants, and other necessary features that allow residents to live comfortably in their town. Warrenton is a fantastic option for families looking to live in a more rural setting, while also having access to anything and everything they might need on a day-to-day basis.

Looking towards the future of your family? Not to worry because Warrenton has a public school system within the town. If you are looking for entertainment for the whole family, Warrenton provides a public swimming pool with water slides, a local bowling alley, a up-to-date movie theater, and many more options! Warrenton could be your future home!

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